Big Pilot’s Watch

With rising fuel prices and the break out of American Airlines bankruptcy pilots need watches more then ever to count the minutes they have left before they have to find a new occupation. IWC, The International Watch Company in Switzerland, is known for there pursue of precision and caliber…and the fact that they are responsible for the Big Pilot’s Watch ($28,000.00). As the lengthy unorthodox commercial says, this watch is made for real pilots.

Not just those that push buttons and talk to air traffic control, it is for those who have flying in there blood. Those that nose dive unnecessarily just that have the opportunity to pull up at the last second. Those that sore freely regardless of whether their 30,000 feet high or 30 feet low. Hell even those that sore before take off are so eager to get high they can’t wait till boarding. The question is not do you want this watch, it is do you deserve it. Do you deserve the worlds largest automatic winding system, the seven day power reserve and the power reserve display? Have you truly flown enough to earn the 46MM face resembling the instruments of a cockpit. Ask yourself these questions before you consider touching this watch, and if you end up buying the oversized watch face will give you no excuse to delay my flight 13 hours before you “Lost track of time”.