Neon Night Surfing

You can’t pay me enough to go surfing on a sunny afternoon. Aside from the fact that I don’t know how to surf and no one is willing to pay to watch me fall off a board, the weather is beautiful, skies are clear, water warm…it’s horrendous from a traffic standpoint. You would think since it’s, you know, the ocean, people would find other means of getting to the beach (i.e. swimming there).

Aside from the massive bumper to bumper leading up to the beach on days like these, there is also no room for one to show off when every time you ride a wave you end up colliding with other surfers (the human equivalent of bumper to bumper). This was the reasoning behind Strongbow Neon Night Surfing. Waiting until the new surfing prime time of 12:00:01 AM on the first day of summer made these revolutionaries literally the first people to go surfing in the summer (on the assumption that the Chinese don’t surf). With a display that looked like the sequel to TRON, the young, carefree surfers lit up the pitch-black ocean with nothing more than their neon gear and their spirits…and the huge fireworks that proceeded.