TSA Sing Christmas Carols at LAX

THE TSA?! NOW WHAT DID THEY…oh, wait…something about the TSA that doesn’t involve terrible airports or felonies. Now that we’re in December everyone seems to get happier and act nicer towards each other. Really it makes no sense when you think about it. The weather is freezing, skies are gray, cars get stuck in snow, black ice threatens your safety, all these unbearable conditions and yet we call it the most wonderful time of the year. Something about that holiday spirit turns even the evil into the good, if only for a month.

We’re so used to seeing the notorious TSA make bad headlines that it impresses us when they do something as simple as sing Christmas carols. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Christmas carolers and shoo them off my doorstep every chance I get, but it’s the thought that counts and for that the TSA gets some points. Enjoy their humble performances while you can, because come January it’s back to getting your socks confiscated and articles that read “TSA under investigation for another drug charge“.