Jetman vs Breitling Jet Team

You know Jetman, the guy that flew over the Grand Canyon and crossed the English Channel (not on the same flight). Well now he’s teamed up with our favorite watchsmiths, Breitling. Gliding alongside two jets from the Breitling Jet Team and his jet-powered wings, he sort of makes Corliss look like a piece of falling paper. Just kidding Jeb, you’re awesome.

Jetman, or Yves Rossy, is the world’s first  jet-powered man so I think the honor is all Breitling’s, getting to fly next to such an icon. From the looks of the video, it appeared that Jetman was beating the Jetteam in their little friendly race, what’s up with that Breitling? Such majestic flight, such grace in falling with style. The combination of flight tech and man is a beautiful, raw representation of power and freedom. To be going so fast and so high yet know there’s nothing but air lifting you must be an incredible feeling. Jetman and Jetteam, they sound like superheros. Perhaps the two will form a league of superheros like the Justice League, or the Avengers, or Watchmen.