Death’s Door Spirits

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with the drink that will make you forget it even happened. Death’s Door Spirits ($30.00- $36.00) is sure to liven up the family reunion and make for some interesting Thanksgiving day prayers. Now don’t let the name “Death’s Door” scare you off, because that’s exactly what the French want.

The company is named after the body of water between Door County peninsula and Washington Island from where they get the wheat for their gin, vodka and whisky. While this passageway is now named Death’s Door, the French originally called it Port de Morts (Port of the Dead) to ward off other traders.

Those damn French. Anyways, this wheat comes exclusively from Washington Island and is used in a 60:40 ratio (80:20 in whisky) with organic malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin to make their wide varieties of smooth flavors. A spicy, citrusy gin, a vodka with subtle notes of vanilla, and a whisky made up of vanilla, chocolate covered raisin, and dark cherry flavors. Death’s Door Spirits finds that rare balance between originality and classiness. Enjoy but remember to drink responsibly, or you might find yourself knocking on death’s door.

[$30.00- $36.00]