Flying Rhinos

At the start of this video, I was under the impression that rhinos were now being used in place of the giant stone that provoked rock falls. But instead it’s something even more amusing. Black rhino populations, along with other species of rhino, have been declining at a rate fast enough to catch the World Wildlife Foundation’s attention. Endangered rhinos not only affect the cultural and natural attraction of Africa, but its research and tourism sector as well, since so many people want to see the creatures up close and personal and several diseases stem from them too.

So what’s the solution? Simple, strap them onto a helicopter and fly them to where the ladies want em. Well technically not strap, more like hang but that sounds like a violation of animal rights and we don’t want PETA getting involved in this. Once flown to where there are more populations of rhino, they are encouraged to mate freely so as to boost up their current numbers. I know there’s room for a “horny” joke somewhere in here. Free airfare and sex without dating? Where can I buy a rhino costume? These rhinos are living the life and with all these incentives they should want to stay endangered for a while.