GE Aviation

Everyone nowadays is so concerned with making things cleaner. What happened to dirty? Dirty dancing, dirty martinis, the Dirty South. And noise, too. “Oh my, this music is too loud”. What?! What happened to loud ass rock n’ roll, loud Concord planes, loudmouth golf pants. Things have changed, and it’s ridiculous. At the risk of sounding anymore like a scripted mid-life crisis, i’ll stop there. I will admit that change is necessary.

Air pollution, noise pollution, pollution of any type is bad for everyone and if unchecked will harm the world we inhabit. GE has aimed to solve that problem, and so far has done pretty well. With all new engines and turbines with more fuel-efficiency and lower decibal readings, maybe I can actually start flying again.

Another contributer to fuel consumption is plane weight. Lighter planes will make for better aerodynamics and in turn, less pollution. GE is working to make the skies quieter and the air breathable while continuing to make the sleek, sophisticated planes they always have. GE has lowered my washing machine’s electricity use, I think I’ll give them a shot at lowering my jet’s fuel use and buy one for myself. Oh no, buying a plane…maybe this is a midlife crisis.