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Dubai Airport Flash Mob

London has been served. It seems Dubai has responded to its current airport competition in a much different way than we expected. Instead of doing the rational like lowering fares or getting better movies to screen on the flights, they’ve taken the fun way of boosting morale. Flash mobs are the year’s YouTube sensation and it seems they happen everywhere except where I am. Every video is the same. A quick 30 second shot of the scenery to establish how quiet it is and that no one knows what’s coming, some music starts playing and BOOM!

Out of nowhere a group of random people just start dancing. Under any other circumstances, they’d be making fools out of themselves. With the initial “flash” the camera then aims at the bewildered audience who all seem to have a range of only 3 different facial expressions: confused, excited and indifferent. The first is understandable and the second is usually from recognizing the flash mob but the third…come on Asian man at 1:06, don’t you have any fun?

Anyways, I’m jealous of both not getting to witness the mob and not participating, and so is London. Maybe one day we’ll organize a worldwide “Blades Mob” for all of you to confuse the crap out of a few lucky people…who knows. My favorite part of the video was when the TSA were in no way involved in the skit…no one likes them.