We’ve all been high before, so we know the carefree, happy feeling and time-slowing experience that comes with being high. But back to the article, Toronto’s new CN tower takes “high” to new heights. With a 360º Edgewalk ($175 Per Person) located 1,168 feet above ground, you may just need a little high to get you through the fear. Imagine standing so far off the ground that even birds are jealous of you.

The Edgewalk is located just above the tower’s famous restaurant from which you can see the entire city by looking out the window. The designers of the tower have been inaugurated into the Guinness World Records for tallest structure with a full circle hands-free walk. Damn, TV reception must be great up there.

For about $175 you can enjoy the exhilaration of walking in circles, something you can do on the ground without having to worry about your life. The Edgewalk is more dangerous than it looks, one bad step and you can make the world record for highest freefall of a tower. It is meant only for thrillseekers and daredevils, and I’m still waiting for Jeb Corliss to wingsuit of the thing.

[$175 Per Person]