Why are there planes that can coast through water, cars that can fly, and quads that can ski on water, but nothing that can do all three? Air, land and sea have all been fully exploited but never at the same time. Maybe the makers of the Quadski ($46,000.00) can add on some collapsable wings or a set of rotors and create the first super-vehicle. We’ve all seen those movie scenes where some secret agent has the briefcase or the passcodes or the girl and all he has to do is escape the clutches of a madman. Of course he finds a quad bike and must traverse through an unreasonably difficult obstacle course full of hills and trees that he somehow knows by heart and passes with ease.

But then he hits a water source, gets captured and dies. Crappy ending. Had the hero picked up a Quadski he could have made the transition from land to water with the flick of a switch. Just like we’ve always imagined, the vehicle enters the water and the wheels rotate to their flat sides and are used to help keep the ski afloat. It can reach speeds of up to 50 mph on both land and water and is quickly becoming the world’s first commercially viable high-speed personal sports amphibian.

Aside from you aristocrats using the Quadski to pick up chicks and those golf balls you hit onto the lake, it has its practical uses as well. Emergency services and aid workers can save the time they’d spend waiting for aerial transportation and will be able to reach areas no vehicle today can. Land and water, I call it the Godski.

[Thanks for scouting Ray]