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Ryanair releases Cabin Crew Charity Calendar 2012

A calendar made up of pictures of sexy girls? They stole our unoriginal idea! Perhaps in an effort to bounce back from their embarrassing schemes, Ryanair has released a calendar with photos of the airline’s female staff serving as models. But if you ask me the whole thing is very wrong, the girls still have their clothes on! Though, the idea sounds great…maybe because we thought of this first.

Sensual images of hot women is the only way I can remember what month we’re in. For example, a photo of Autumn laying down with nothing but leaves covering her interesting parts. Autumn? Must be autumn, it’s October. Or another one. Candy bending over towards me with bows to cover her “gifts”. Bows? Gifts? Christmas. December. Or wait, did Candy represent Halloween? Doesn’t matter, the month is still sexy.

This whole Ryanair situation has provoked our competitive side and forced us to get our Blades Girl calendar into the works even faster than planned. Ryanair has no idea they’ve just awoken the beast. If you think slightly-clothed flight attendants are hot, wait till you see what we have in store. We will give Ryanair credit, though. Raising money to send patients with skin conditions on a vacation to Spain for four years in a row is an honorable thing to do. But they’re still going down. Plenty Bladesgirls will be coming to you soon, so mark your calendars.