I could really use this right now. Hell I could really use this any time. When you have a product as simple and small and portable as the Aeroshot ($2.99 per inhaler), it’s hard not to get addicted. Sheen, I now understand you. With one hit you’ll be bouncing off the walls full of energy, crazy-eyed and probably destroy Two and a Half Men as well. Each Aeroshot contains 100 mg of caffeine, the same amount found in a large cup of coffee.

You simply pull down the green end and gently puff in the other end to get your fix. Each Aeroshot has enough for about 6-8 shots and how many shots you need depend on how tired you are. For example, your everyday tired from work and the kids would be one shot. Waking up an hour early because the U.S. purposely hides daylights savings time from the population until the morning of…that’s two shots. Airports…three shots. Don’t take too many though, you know the old saying “One shot, Two shots, Three shots, Floor”, well you won’t be on the floor, but your energy will be through the roof. Not all of us have tiger blood or illegal stimulants to get us through the day but it’s nice to know that in 69 days when the Aeroshot hits the market we’ll all start winning.