Brian Greene Show Poses Theory Of Parallel Universes (VIDEO)

The Theory of Parallel Universes certainly isn’t new, but it’s still equally as confusing today as it was when it was fathomed. It all has to do with the laws of physics (the only class I’ve taken where Fs made a recurring appearance). Basically in this theory we are all living in a universe that is one of an infinite number of universes in which each has a replica of ourselves and our universe, but there is some change or changes (be it small or significant) from one universe to the other. Pick up a copy of Jet Li’s “The One” and you’ll understand it perfectly.

Say in this universe Barack Obama is president while in another McCain won the election (and most likely Palin would’ve taken his place when the excitement of winning was too much for his poor old heart). By the same token, imagine if grass here was one shade of green while in the next it was a slightly lighter shade. Now you can start to imagine how infinite the number of possible changes can be between all universes within the “multiverse”.

Theories like this and other mysteries of the cosmos are the basis of “Fabric of the Cosmos“, a series on PBS’ “NOVA” that premiered last night and will continue to air Wednesdays 9 PM E.D.T. The show is full of incredibly rich special effects that capture complicated ideas so perfectly even you can understand it.