Bombardier: Join the Revolution

This all seems very familiar. Assembling things is in a human’s blood. First, as a child get those Tinker Toys that seem to be useful for just about nothing. Then, we step it up to Legos and maybe even take an educational trip to Legoland to see their real-world application.

Then of course you have your model toys, furniture, maybe a job as a construction worker. All leading up to the most important (and most enjoyable) assemblage of all: “assembling” a child. And then the cycle repeats itself. The builders of the Bombardier Q400 Turboprop ($30,000,000.00) were raised no different. Everyday they satisfy that human instinct to create and build, all the while handling parts of a $30 million plane. You may think just because you’ve seen one assembly video you’ve seen them all…and you’d be right. But still, it’s nice to appreciate the art that goes into making something we will never be able to afford sometimes.