B-Jet Helmet

Average motorcycle helmets give you only a sliver of vision in which to see traffic and other oncoming hazards. This means the helmet likely causes the accidents it protects you from. Say goodbye to evenings at the hospital’s ICU and hello to Brembo Helmets’ B-Jet Helmet (TBA), the helmet with the most visor space. Don’t you hate when your head starts to feel claustrophobic in cramped helmets?

The B-Jet also has the most space between the rider’s face and the visor and has a removable interior that can be washed so you no longer have all that stink trapped around your head. Motorcyclists seldom fasten their chin strap properly every time they go for short, casual rides, so they risk having it thrown off when they need it most. But it’s no mystery why they do it, the chin strap is itchy you can’t even keep your hands on the hog, you have to keep scratching! To combat this annoyance and eliminate the safety hazard involved, the helmet has incorporated the world’s first Automatic Fit Belt (AFB) that works like so: put on chin strap, push a button. Done. A winding device does all the work for you and the 3 cm silk strap is safer, more comfortable, and won’t burn your chin every time you wind it up. Still, the most high-tech innovation of all is the IDI Phone. Integrated into the cheekpiece of the B-Jet helmet, the wireless communication device allows the rider to, with the push of a button, activate a connection to their cellphone, iPod or SatNav and talk or jam while cruising. The B-Jet is an advanced piece of safety equipment with countless hours of research and development to create the safest, most comfortable helmet on the market…so B-Gentle with it.