Wait, iPhones didn’t already have the capability to pop open a brew? I thought there was an app for that. Repeatedly we are seeing that it’s the simple innovations that make millions and the Opena ($39.95) is no exception. An iPhone case with a slide-out bottle opener. Why do I feel this constraption could’ve been made for nothing more than the price of tape.

Still, the idea of adding attachments to your iPhone case like it were a Swiss army knife opens up a lot of doors. Maybe a stand that rotates out for a hands-free movie, or nail clippers… Picture how smooth (like Keith Stone if anyone’s seen the Key Stone Light ads) you’ll look just whipping out your phone without fumbling for an extra opener. Open up a beer at a party, at a barbecue, heck take one for the road! Just kidding, if you drink and drive I will kill you.