Climbing Stalin’s Skyscraper

Great…even more unhinged, suicidal people in the world. Oh well, more room for us. Yesterday we showed you two guys who base jumped off a hotel elevator. This time it’s a guy who free climbs to the zenith of a skyscraper. A SKYSCRAPER. Red Gates stalin’s skyscraper in Moscow to be more specific. Granted he started yards from the top, but when you can crawl out of a roof hatch and hold your naseua long enough to inch your way to a height of 436 feet (24 stories), then you can talk.

His climb was aided by a conveniently placed small ladder above the hatch and a pair of white gloves that look like they were kniitted to help grandma while she tends the garden. The process after he tops the tower is the most entertaining. The climber gets to the top, says a colorful pair of words, soaks in the view, and climbs back down the ladder…but not before taking another moment to repeat his colorful words. Nowadays who needs stairs and elevators when you have guts, a disregard for the law and a free day from your psychiatric care.