Elevator Base Jump [Video]

Sometimes you just wanna throw yourself off a building. Well this is exactly what these two Spanish maniacs have done. Following the recent trend of base jumping and wingsuit flying set by Jeb Corliss and Vincent Cassel at the end of Ocean’s Thirteen, the pair leaps off the top of a hotel elevator within seconds of each other, do backflips for style points, and record the whole thing with a camera and helmet cams to later post on YouTube so everyone can envy how incredible they are.

Personally, I don’t see how anyone can do this. I have to whip out anxiety pills if I so much as glimpse out the window of a glass elevator. What’s more mystifying than the stunt, though, is how they can just pull of an illegal act, land in the middle of the street, and get nothing but applaud from the Spanish onlookers. No consequences. We all wish we could just do it and walk away with no reprucussions, a feat these two seem to have mastered.