Sex Skydive? A New Mile High Club [Explicit Video]

Skydiving has become a boring pastime. With all this wingsuit hype, using a parachute to guide your landing is like having training wheels on a tricycle. The same could be said about sex. Nowadays, if you’re using a bed you might as well be using a coffin; the whole act has become dead. That’s why this crazy bastard Alex Torres, a porn star/weekend skydiving instructor at Skydiving Taft (who was this guy’s guidance counselor?) decided to take his sex life to another level…the flight level that is. He and his “partner” Hope Howell, Skydiving Taft’s receptionist, took the whole birds and the bees thing too literal when they decided to have some afternoon delight (in the morning) in a private plane and continued the act as they jumped out and descended thousands of feet.

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This guy did what we all wish we could have: the receptionist. The whole thing was put on YouTube and wasn’t removed until who else but Hope Howell’s boyfriend complained about its inappropriateness. Torres has been fired from Skydiving Taft and Hope may be keeping her job at the skydiving school. No one is facing possible criminal charges except the pilot for “allowing an activity that could distract him while he’s flying”. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t get further involved. Torres apparently planned the stunt to get the attention of Howard Stern. Why do all crazy, inappropriate things always end up trailing back to Howard Stern? The whole thing seems like it’d make a great Viagra commercial…or maybe a BladesGirl cover don’t you think? Please don’t try this at home…try it as you’re jumping out of a plane with your jump buddy, using protection of course (ie. skydive goggles).