Red Bull Helicopter Wrap by Ink Monstr [Video]

We’ve shown you how a Boeing was assembled and painted, and you readers loved it. So now, by request, here’s how Ink Monstr (a company that specializes in custom graphics and printing) dresses up a Red Bull helicopter in red, white and blue (and yellow), because Red Bull is as American as blowing thousands of dollars on painting a helicopter. Excess is a wonderful thing.

Why would Red Bull need a helicopter? Easy, they’re insane. Everything they do they do big, as shown by their whole Electric Daisy Carnival stunt. Anyways, the paint job required little paint. Actually no paint. It was really just gluing pieces of colored vinyl wrap on the helicopter. Still, these “painters”, like those from the Boeing video, seemed extremely rushed and anxious to get the job done…probably drinking from their own supply. They looked like parents on Christmas Eve, rushing to wrap the gifts they forgot to buy for their children before they wake up and find out the inconvenient truth that Santa does not exist.