Arctic Trucks Expeditions

You don’t wanna be caught up in a game of chicken with these monsters. Climbing mountains, trudging heavy snow, bearing freezing water. These trucks are the Bear Grylls of automobiles. Arctic Trucks is known for their ballsy expeditions across places like Antarctica and Iceland (the one without any ice).

What better way to show that your trucks can do anything than to drop them in Antarctica and saying “OK, meet back in 20…days”. But this is in no way just a commercial stunt. These expeditions and races allow the company to continuously improve their vehicles to suit even the most unusual of challenges.

Whether these trucks operate in the tundras of the South Pole or the deserts of Dubai, you know they will surpass expectation. There is so much testing that goes into making these trucks cool and indestructible that I’m expecting them to be renamed KITT and have a talking William Daniels to guide me along.

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