UbiSlate: World’s Cheapest Tablet

You may be satisfied with paying circa $500 or $300 for your iPad or Galaxy Tab, but you’ll be throwing them out the window when you hear about the UbiSlate ($30.00) (currently titled the Aakash in India). Well, throwing your tablet out the window may not be a credible threat anymore, but you get the idea. This seven-inch tablet was designed and manufactured in India mainly to aid the learning of students in this rapidly-advancing world. It runs an Android 2.2 Froyo OS, an HD video processor, a core graphics accelerator, Wi-Fi connectivity and will support additional 3G modems! What?! I’m pretty sure one of those features was a part in my car’s engine. And the best part, all of this will be included (along with two USB ports) when the UbiSlate begins shipping commercially next month…for $50. 10 tablets for the price of one, basically. And prices are expected to go down even further (to around $10) when India agrees to subsidize it for their schools. Schoolwork, textbooks, work, movies, phone calls all on the go. This tablet has so much potential it’s almost kinetic. Pretty soon your kid’s not gonna be asking you to pick up a $5 ice cream on the way home everyday, they’ll be asking for a $10 UbiShaft.