Hitchhiker Travels 5,000 Miles, Meets 930 People Across US [Video]

Contrary to what most believe (and what was said in “There’s Something About Mary), hitchhiking is not illegal in the US. The only real crime Benjamin Jenks has committed is trying to pull of the whole “sports jacket with a t-shirt underneath” look. Only Mark Zuckerberg or other young millionaires should be allowed to rock that style. Jenks, a hitchhiker who was born and raised in Michigan then later worked in Virginia, took a little vacation and embarked on year-long trek across America.

The destination? Spiritual enlightenment, something you can’t find on Google Maps. Don’t take him for a fool or some jobless hippy, the man with a degree in Psychology didn’t do it for the fame or out of boredom or to reenact Forrest Gump’s journey across the US, he did it for his love for learning, his love for traveling and, most of all, his love for people.

Jenks offers traveling tips on (with advice as unorthodox as its name), and I’m sure somewhere on there it says “Tip #32: to save gas on a roadtrip across the country, hitchhike with strangers and justify it by making a youtube video.” He tells his life story on his website Create Our World, a tale that makes us think about our constraints in society and how we can all make a little more time for ourselves, the world, and the people we share it with.