Air New Zealand Commercial: David Hasselhoff Dream

Now we all dream of the Hoff every now and then, but it’s very unlikely this dream involved an airplane, a rocking horse and siamese sheep. Air New Zealand is an airline known for having unorthodox celebrity cameos in their commercials, such as Lindsay Lohan, Richard Simmons and Snoop Dogg (so many animal references in one paragraph). The company’s most recent and most nonsensical commercial to date is one promoting their new SkyCouch feature. The inseparable sheep twins lay on a couch formed by the airplane’s economy seats, finally allowing you to sleep on the plane ride. Airline tickets should come with neck insurance because not once have I come off a plane with the ability to turn my neck to either side. Check out the video and fly Air New Zealand. That is, if you live in New Zealand…and you don’t mind snuggling in the couch with the two seat neighbors you just met on the plane.