Jeb Corliss USA “Wing Suit Landing Race”

Oh Jeb. Always looking for the next adrenaline fix. Going from unknown in most circles to widespread recognition this “gravity freak”, as Stephen Colbert calls him, has been featured on Conan, the Colbert Report and Blades Magazine all in a matter of weeks. It appears the skydiver is taking his talents as a professional faller and attempting to be the first man to jump out of a plane and land without the use of a parachute.

His plan, slightly revealed in the clip below, is to use his wingsuit to slow his descent and then land on an inclined runway his team will build specifically for this purpose. He is currently one of 5 people, each from different countries, undertaking the same feat, so when he inevitably wins wearing the US flag wingsuit proposed by Colbert it’ll add to our already boastful list of American victories; situated right there next to The Race to Space and Lebron James.