Thunderclap Alarm Clock

Seldom do we actually wanna get out of bed in the morning. Instead of thinking “what a beautiful morning” we think “why am i even alive”. So to ensure those inclined to use the snooze or the sleepers who cannot be awoken using conventional methods, there’s the Thunderclap Alarm Clap ($34.95). If you’ve ever woken up during a thunderstorm you know the thunder jolts you awake instantly as if you’d never been sleeping in the first place.

Thats why to replicate this scenario the alarm clock boasts a volume of up to 113 decibels and three brightly flashing red LEDs to simulate lightning flashes. As if that weren’t already on the intimidation level of the Tyrant Clock, the sleeper has the option to combine this gadget with a vibrational pad placed under your mattress to aid in the mimicking of thunderstorms. Everyone should have a Thunderclap Alarm Clock so that, lets say, no one can say they overslept long enough to miss the entire day’s temple service for Rosh Hashanah tomorrow.