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Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino Dreams & Fears

I love to watch Roberta Mancino spread em. ‘Em’ meaning the wings of her Turbulenza Wingsuit of course. Roberta has recently been voted as the hottest sports babe ever by Men’s Fitness; her hobby as a base jumper, skydiver and wingsuit flyer literally put her at a higher level than say a Lingerie Football player.

Her and Jeb Corliss (a fellow base jumper, skydiver and wingsuit flyer) are featured in the video below explaining their dreams, fears and more. Despite having endured several jump-related injuries and telling Conan O’Brien that he gets a surge of doubt just before every jump, Jeb claims to be the most fearless skydiver on earth.

Blades theorizes that Mr. Corliss is baring all these life-risking jumps just to get a shot at the tantalizing Roberta Mancino.