4VOO for Men

Cosmetic products? That sounds like the stuff you tell your girlfriend she looks fine without, but if you ever saw her without some cover-up and eye-liner, eHarmony would be having a few new members this weekend. Face it guys, you’re face looks like hell. At some point not even the Fountain of Youth can reverse that sagging or those wrinkles.

Now if you’re Sean Connery or Mr. Clooney you’ll be able to pull off aging gracefully, but for those of you with little experience in Russian counter-terrorism or casino-bankrupting maybe 4V00 Cosmetic Products for Men are what you need. This age-defying cream works as Botox does, reducing wrinkles and smoothing out skin with “pure botanical extracts” and “essential oils” all while increasing your chances of getting lucky…and I’m not talking casinos here.