ICON 100 A5

The Icon A5 is back on Blades Magazine this aircraft we consider as the industry’s game changer. You’re out on the ocean, relaxing as all corporate business owners and large fortune heirs do on a Monday. You get a call from one of your many famous friends that Tiger wanted to hit 9 holes together. There’s an unfortunate shortage of runways on the ocean so what do you do? Have your pilot fly in your ICON 100 A5 ($140,000.00), your favorite lightweight carbon fiber airplane.

Its ability to take off on water makes it ideal for both a spur of the moment game of golf or an emergency take-off to get away from the exploding villain’s secret lair you just blew up. Retractable landing gear and folding wings, the designers thought of everything to make the ICON 10 A5 fit in the garage you’ve filled with Ferraris and Bugattis.