Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

As if eating seafood didn’t make me feel guilty enough, now I have to deal with fish staring me down as I eat my meal. I can almost hear them yelling at me for eating their babies as I try to enjoy my over-priced caviar. Conrad Hotel and Resorts’s Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is the first all-glass undersea restaurant that offers a 180˚ view of the condescending fish that are most likely next on the menu. The one-of-a-kind restaurant allows to to knock out dining, scuba diving and sight seeing with your wife all in one sitting so you can dedicate more of your time to repenting your sins for having eaten that tuna. I’ll give it 5 stars for dining but 4 stars for atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, looking out into the water was incredible, but it’s kind of hard to focus on your wife talking about the shower’s pressure problem when there’s a freaking shark devouring several helpless snapper fish. Nonetheless, we all could use a break, so take a vacation, relax and visit the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant (try to avoid it during tsunami season). Also, be sure not to order the water.

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