Red Bull Skydive into Electric Daisy Carnival

Where are the applications for this job? Like honestly how do you just happen to fall into a job as amazing as skydiving into a carnival of lights and beautiful music? What did their guidance counselors tell them in high school? Take one guess as to who’s redoing their resume to be able to participate in Electric Daisy Carnival next year.

EDC is an annual electronic music festival which was held in Las Vegas for the first time this year. The energy at these raves is incredible, and attendees are always expecting new feats and spectacles to dazzle their narcotics-enhanced minds. It’s difficult to imagine what the crowds must’ve been thinking when glowing neon men were falling from the sky with flames shooting from out behind them. Maybe tears came to their eyes when they thought extra terrestrials crashed their ship and were set on fire in their attempt to make contact. Apparently not only can Red Bull give you wings, they can also give you nightmares.