Hover Bike

Off the top of my head some advantages to having a Hover Bike ($40,000.00): avoiding annoying speed bumps, flying over oncoming deer, having a legitimate excuse for your wife as to why you can’t go buy groceries (the bike doesn’t come with trunk space). This vehicle is half bike, half helicopter, half intriguing, half awesome.

Way back since “Back to the Future”, inventors and conceptualists alike have been fantasizing about recreating flying time machines and hover boards. It may not have a flux capacitor but the bike will definitely send you into the future with its ability to travel at 173 mph and exceed altitudes of 10,000 feet (extrapolated from testing). The Hover Bike is propelled by front and back blades and is controlled just like a motorcycle, leaning to make it turn. In the US and other countries it is classified as an ‘ultralite’ and requires no license, though learning to fly it is like attempting to fly a helicopter without an instructor. Tethered testing has already gone underway and so far proven completely successful, pointing towards the possibility that limited production of the unit will begin within a few years.

The website is currently holding a raffle in which each donation gives you a chance to win the prototype, a way better prize than that VCR you won last time. Minor revisions and additions still need to be made such as a windshield and a mesh over the blades so that the blades don’t cut off your hands or an unlucky bird slips in and damages the entire contraption. Purchase the prototype and never again will you have to worry about parking, just fly up to the top level of any parking garage and revel in everyone’s envy.