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SixthSense Prototype

Every generation has its own Da Vinci. A revolutionary mind that provokes the inventor in all of us, affecting everyone with their ideas and creations. Hands down this generation’s prodigy goes to whoever thought up cookies & cream ice cream, it’s just too good. Coming in at a close second, though, is Pranav Mistry, mastermind behind SixthSense. If you can forget about seeing dead people for a minute and imagine walking around with the digital world literally at your fingertips, you’ve got the idea. With so many interactive gaming technologies like the Kinect springing up all of a sudden it’s hard to pay attention to one project that’s been 11 years in the making. The SixthSense Prototype is a system comprised of a very mobile wearable device that hangs like a pendant and stores a pocket projector, mirror and camera.

This device connects to a mobile computing component in the user’s pocket and captures the movement of colored markers on your fingers and translates them into commands much like the trackpad on your laptop. There is no screen or tablet involved, the projector simply projects on any surface you aim it at (be it a wall, a table, a piece of paper or your hand). This coupled with the pocket computing device allows you to stream digital information from the web (sites like youtube, google maps and facebook) anywhere. But the craziest features are the ones that allow you to take pictures simply by joining your fingers into that rectangle frame directors always do, play games with friends simply by projecting onto a wall, and move printed data from a sheet of paper to a digital screen. But theres more. Incredibly, the system uses the internet to recognize books or any product, and gives you live feedback like reviews, dealers, related items etc. all within seconds without looking it up yourself. Prinav Mistry really brings the digital age into the physical world (and vice-vera) with this prototype, and he promises this is just the beginning…*Que typical optimistic melody with a close-up of Pranav staring intensely into the camera*.