Sifteo Cubes

There used to be a time where interlocking plastic would excite a kid for weeks. But this is a new, more expensive age and Legos just don’t cut it anymore. Sifteo Cubes
($149.00) fit in nicely with this new technology-driven world and offer a creative take on miniature gameplay not seen since the Tamagotchi. With 3 cubes connected wirelessly to a computer (that plays the sounds) the user can play a wide selection of interactive games purchased from the Sifteo Store that let you move, shake, rotate, flip and combine these cubes for a completely user-friendly experience. With a brilliantly executed marketing scheme the games “work great with three, even better with six” and come in a variety of genres such as arcade missions, strategy, puzzles, educative, and multiplayer games. With a 4 hours battery life and the ability to easily create your own games with the Sifteo Creativity Kit the possibilities are vast. Sifteo Cubes, one of they few toys that doesn’t contain lead, doesn’t pose a choking hazard and won’t loudly keep you up all night while your child attempts to become a “Guitar Hero”.