Latitude Sentinel App

If more people were to have the Latitude Sentinel App (FREE) they would find the plane they were on didn’t really travel in a straight line. Instead, their pilot decided to go a bit off course from their Miami to Boston flight to see if his Colts were pulling through in Houston…they weren’t. After the pilot was done crying at the 27-point blowout, he would say the lengthened flight time was due to “coastal winds” and you’d be none the wiser. Latitude Technologies is a manufacturer and provider of satellite phones, tracking and messaging of aerial vehicles and they’ve come out with a new dependable and secure communication app that allows you all sorts of information on the flight you are tracking. Know when your aircraft takes off, lands, its position, heading, speed and altitude, all in real-time while you’re miles away. This free app, currently available through iTunes and the App Store, can be used not only for tracking airlines but emergency aircraft as well (i.e. wildfire containment, medical transportation, rescue missions and law enforcement). So get the app that does an air traffic controller’s job, because we all now they’re not doing it.