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Terrafugia’s “The Transition”

Flying can sometimes be a hassle. Someone drives you to the airport, your iPhone’s audio gets ruined whilst going through the conveyor belt and then you wait till boarding time. And after you find out your flights been delayed, you board the plane six hours later only to be seated between a talkative grandmother and a husky man with a snoring problem. Of course then you lay down 80 bucks for the taxi to your destination. The MIT-trained engineers over at Terrafugia were sick of this laborious, unconstitutional abuse and they developed The Transition ($279,000.00), the Transformer of tomorrow. With both an automated folding wing and rear-wheel drive, you can forget the airport, the taxi, and the grandma/husky man sandwich.

Not only is the ability to transform into a road vehicle convenient and time saving, but it offers safety benefits like not having to fly in inclement weather. With the ability to fly off the road during rush hour, The Transition Roadable Aircraft is something you’ll really want in your garage. So go from air to land (don’t try sea, that didn’t work out too well) instantly, using I-95 as your runway.