World’s only actual turbine powered Batmobile [On Sale]

Finally. I was getting tired of re-enacting Batman scenes in my ’95 Dodge Neon. The world is riddled with Batmobile replicas much like the city of Gotham is riddled with crime or the Riddler is riddled with riddles. But none of these knock-offs can ever really amount to the this Turbine-Powered Batmobile ($620,000.00), the only one of its kind and even surpasses the awesomeness of that plastic prop car they used in the movies. In a sense, this is the first REAL Batmobile because none before it have been able to capture the power, intimidation and visual pleasures that the turbine-powered version offers. You, the consumer, can buy this Batmobile and revel in the jaw-drops and awes of the McDonalds cashiers as you pull up to the drive-thru. Just sell any 3 of your houses you aren’t currently using to round up the $620,000.00 on the price tag, keeping in mind that sleeping in your car is “in” now…especially when your car is indestructible.