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Not diggin the all-but-discreet extravagant yellow of your G-Form Extreme Sleeve? Did you leave your white iPhone in with your red socks in the washing machine? Maybe you just think your iPad could use a little green to show off your cashflow and an imprint that says “iPaid” on the back. Colorware offers services that alter the color of your existing electronic with their high-gloss, scratch resistant coating. It’s almost as if they harvest rainbows and dip your products in them. The company offers re-coloring for everything from iPhones, iPads and Macbooks to headphones, iPod docks, speakers and segways (yes, Blades Magazine’s archenemy) in a plethora of color samples. Now as soon as Colorware fills my request to color every black and white photograph in existence, “artists” can stop deeming their snapshots “art” simply because they are black and white.