Ecotricity is back…and this time they’re coming for everything. It sounds like something out of a sequel, except this machine is actually successful, and didn’t entirely destroy the Godfather franchise (oh wait, that was a triquel, nevermind). In any case, Ecotricity – the same British team that set the world land speed record IN March – has built a new vehicle to accomplish the same goal on ice (which, if you think about it is kinda the same thing) with the Greenbird. The wind-powered ice craft currently reaches speeds of 84 mph…with WIND (try windsurfing on one of these puppies). The only times I reached those speeds were trying to outrun the police (didn’t work out too well), outrun a tornado (didn’t work out too well), and attempting to reach 88 mph and go back to a time before I ever agreed to move into a house within a 2 mile radius of my mother-in-law (didn’t work out too… yeah). Ecotricity did something my car couldn’t do in a machine powered solely by wind (and no help from the winds of Hurricane Irene) as an attempt to expand the boundaries of wind-harnessing technologies for zero carbon-emitted transportation. With all these land speed records one can only assume Ecotricity is setting up for a monopoly on speed, or they really hate being late.