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G-Form Extreme Sleeve

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where one wouldn’t drop a bowling ball on their iPad. With the protection of the G-Form Extreme Sleeve ($59.95-$79.95) inevitable occurrences such as this will no longer result in the loss of your Angry Birds progress. G-Form is a company that manufactures protective yet flexible products ranging from knee pads to shoe insoles for the everyday physical individual. A product like this should be adapted to fit vehicles so that the next time a first time driver T-Bones me, my passenger door won’t be obliterated. The Extreme Sleeve comes in yellow and black for both iPads and laptops and is made from PORON XRD, a versatile material that will absorb 90 percent of impact energy. With the case being so indestructible, the question now is, how will landfills ever get rid of it?