Wind Jacket Sunglasses

Think of your most important piece of headgear as a motorcyclist. No one really wants to wear them, but as you’ve heard all your life you gotta use them no matter how dorky you look. We’re talking of course about helmets. And to complement your helmet the Oakley Wind Jacket Sunglasses ($220) may be the second most important piece of headgear any badass can wear. Feel the strap as it grips onto your very masculine, very responsible head. At $220 these eye windshields are the most economic choice in eye security. The Oakley Wind Jacket protect your viewing orbs from wind, rain and road debris. And if you aren’t a Corey Hart fan and don’t like wearing your sunglasses at night, not only can you go to hell but you can also interchange the dark lenses with light ones so you can see any oncoming traffic.