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Maker’s Mark Cigar

I find drinking scotch and smoking cigars to be the true mark of the classy individual. Most agree and it’d be nice to save people some time in deciding who to envy by combining the two in one, maybe dipping a cigar in whiskey would do the trick. Maker’s Mark Cigars comes close to such insanity by aromatically enhancing their cigars with Maker’s Mark Bourbon. The brand creates a unique smoking experience by combining their long-leaf Dominican Repulic-grown tobacco with bourbon distilled from red wheat in the Kentucky countryside. (more…)

Aviation Gin

It is only appropriate that we feature a drink named after the industry we all love. Aviation Gin ($29.99) goes beyond its label and takes you to new levels or should I say heights (for lack of a better word) of tastes. (more…)



Watches are a symbol of wealth and status. So if your wrist ain’t rockin’ the right one, you probably won’t have any friends. Switzerland’s International Watch Company has been known to do it big, in both senses of the word and as I’ve always said, the bigger the badder. And while on the topic of big, the Big Ingenieur is the perfect representation of their commitment to going big or going home. Immediately its 45.5-mm case makes a striking impression. (more…)

Skate Legends | Powell Peralta and Element Case

Teaming up is just about the coolest plot twist one can integrate into their work. Just like when superheroes team up to fight evil that could not be conquered individually or when Danny Ocean asked for the help of Terry Benedict in Ocean’s 13, it never disappoints. (more…)

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniels, one of my favorite whiskey brands of all time. Whiskey doesn’t really have all that flavor that I like in most other drinks, but now with the Tennessee honey brand, I’m starting to change my view. (more…)


We’ve talked a lot about teams of talented risk-takers in the past months. From the effortless swagger of Team Turbolenza to the daring dives of Team Ill Vision, it’s evident that extreme sports crews are getting crowded with competition. (more…)

Stacked Wines

Anytime I want to casually enjoy a bottle of wine say at the park or a playground, I always get strange looks from everyone secretly (sometimes openly) judging me. Something about carrying around that entire bottle makes me look like an alcoholic. And at a playground no less. Well no longer will casual drinkers like me be misconstrued and misunderstood, for now there’s the less cumbersome Stacked Wines at our rescue. (more…)

“Playa” Condom Stash

Thank god, it was becoming awkward walking around parties with condoms in hand. From the same people who brought you the Opena, the Playa iPhone Case was designed to hide not your bottle opener, but your “jimmys”. (more…)