More Aviation

EQP2 Excursion

We all wish we could fly more. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to own your own plane. Actually, that may be a little too extreme; do you know how much it costs to maintain a plane? That, along with the high price tags of private planes and the intimidating instability of microlights leaves potential pilots left out in the cold. For those not quite adventureous enough to fly a microlight and who don’t have the flow to buy a Cessna, there is the very recent and still work-in-progress class of planes known as Light Sport Aircraft. (more…)

Jeb Corliss B.A.S.E. Jump

Normally when one makes a demo to showcase their talents, its in the area of music. To our knowledge, Corliss isn’t in a band; the closest thing to such a group would be his involvement with Team Turbolenza. Nevertheless, our skymaster compiled footage of several of his jumps dating back all the way to 2002. I find it incredibly amusing that his video is set to the song “Paint it Black”, seeing as how he only flies in black. (more…)

Birdman Flight Store

Every sport’s gotta have their gear. Recreational football players and amateur Lebron James imitators have the luxury of being able to head over to sporting goods stores and buy whatever equipment they need. Unfortunately wingsuiting isn’t yet as casual as throwing around with friends or getting a pick-up game together. It’s not like you can drive to the same place you purchase LJ’s shoes and ask for “The Jeb Corliss Wingsuit” in a size medium. (more…)

Kirby Chambliss Epic Flight

Don’t take offense Corliss and Daisher, you know all of your wingsuiting adventures are still the number one “epic flights”. But we gotta mention other big players every once in a while. Kirby Chambliss is an expert American aerobatics pilot who, like Daisher, is sponsored by Red Bull. He participates in numerous air races and has won both the 2004 and 2006 Red Bull Air Race World Series. Developing his skills from a young age, he began flying at 12 and by 24 was the youngest commercial pilot to fly for Southwest Airlines. (more…)

Departure Date

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which includes Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile, has organized its airline companies: Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia; to film the movie ‘Departure Date’. The movie was filmed on board Virgin flights at 35,000 feet above the ground and covered 3 continents and 28,000 flight miles. (more…)

104-Year-Old Paraglider

There’s something very eschew in your skydiving career when your age approaches the number of seconds you experience freefall. Being near a skydiving zone at age 104 (the number itself is awkward to type) is sort of like being at Chuck E. Cheese at any two-digit age, if you’re not there to watch a over a relative significantly younger than yourself it just looks really alarming to anyone in the vicinity. But Peggy McAlpine has no time to worry about what people think she should or shouldn’t do. Literally she has no time, she’s a hundred and four. (more…)

The Human Bird

Now don’t go jumping to the conclusion that the government has finally released details on their super-secretive man-bird mutation experiments. Such evidence will never be released. No, no. “Human Bird” here refers to, who else, Jeb Corliss. This man and his wingsuit have lived up to and surpassed the bar set by their lifelong rivals…birds. If you can’t beat em, join em. In this case the birds are the ones doing the joining. (more…)

Insanity Wingsuit Stunt with Mini Cooper

This article may be coming in a little late. That’s because I’ve been too busy replaying this commercial on a continuous loop so that I don’t have to miss a second of its utter magnificence. I’ve never given a standing ovation to a commercial before, but I guess this isn’t just a commercial. (more…)