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Sneak Peak of Barrington Irvings Interview “Aviation provides a sense of wonder,” Barrington Irving told me over the phone a few days before Christmas while driving to his office at Miami’s Opa-Locka Executive Airport. Irving made headlines in 2007 at the age of 23, when he became the youngest person and the first black pilot ever to fly solo around the world.

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Blades Magazine_December Editor Notes
It was very easy for me to think about what I was truly thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: our readers. And no I am not saying all this in an attempt to lure more readers to Blades Magazine (that can be done with a little Roberta Mancino and some Blades Girls). All around us no matter where you are from we hear some good and some bad news about the aviation industry and in most cases over-exaggerated stories the media likes to feeds us. Read More

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Blades Magazine_Letter from the Editor
Respect. This is a word that I strongly believe belongs to All Pilots. The entire purpose of this magazine’s existence is to bring R-E-S-P-E-C-T back to the aviation industry and let me remind you all that we will continue to bring sexy back every month (Wait until you see December’s Blades Girls). So where did all the respect go? Read More

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September was a great month for Blades Magazine. Blades is now the leading Aviation Entertainment Magazine on the internet all thanks to our loyal readers. We would like to thank all you Blade Heads out there who send us amazing stories and products to review. Blades Magazine is now ready for 2012, we have a new look, new contributors & very sexy Blades Girls. (more…)