Plasma Explosion Gun

Look through a woman’s purse and what will you find? Heaps of inexplicable garbage and pepper spray. Times are rough and women are scared. They need to be protected and a seasoning spice isn’t gonna get the job done. They need GUNS. And EXPLOSIONS. And PLASMA. Not that we understand what that last bit really is, but it does make for an awesome name. The Plasma Explosion Gun sounds like an evil villain’s weapon of choice, but it’s actually the ultimate home defense system. Here’s the concept: an invisible laser super-heats the surrounding air, creating a plasma explosion with the force to lay intruders out in one fell swoop. Also its electromagnetic waves cause temporary paralysis, but that’s not as cool. The gun is non-lethal and is meant to protect homeowners in emergency situations. The gun’s integrated camera and microphone automatically turn on when in use and feed to an off-site security center to notify the police. You can’t go wrong with investing in self-defense. At least, that’s what the presidential nominees will have you believe.