Mozayo Interactive Table

These are lonely times. Sites like eHarmony and Matchmaker only publicize the fact that everyone is alone and could use some interaction in their lives. Some may even stoop so low as to have interactions with a table. Now that would be weird if the table wasn’t powered by a Dell computer, didn’t have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Windows 7, or USB Ports (meant to be used ONLY for flashdrives). But the Moyazo Interactive Table does.

Available in either a 32″ 720P LCD or a 42″ 1080P HD, this coffee table is no doubt a lot more impressive than the one you have now. An average table does little more than house uninteresting books and a few issues of Pottery Barn/Better Homes and Gardens. The Mozayo plays videos, music, displays the Internet, anything you would do on your laptop or iPad, just…bigger. And if you’re the type to share the ones you have intimate interactions with, the Mozayo Table can process up to 6 simultaneous touch points for a multi-user (multi-lover) experience.