Jaguar XKX

Jaguar seems to have made a fortune off producing “old people” cars. Whenever I see a Jaguar it’s usually parked in the Handicapped spot, with a cane visible through the windshield. Apparently someone gave the company a heads up on the joke as they’ve decided to boost the looks on their latest concept. The Jaguar XKX features a look very different from any other car today. At the front of the XKX, two large vents provide passage of air from the front of the car, through the center, and back over the rear wheels. It took Jaguar numerous hours of research to find out that side mirrors are the second most destroyed part during vandalism, so the 1 cm thick side mirror folds into the side into a barely visible hatch and open up when the car is started.

If the big vents, flashy headlights, and curvy body don’t please your eye, take a look at the Jag’s power. The Jaguar XKX is to be an electric car, with a unique way of charging its battery. The outer layer of the car is covered with piezroelectric cells, which convert pressurized air into electricity which goes straight to the battery. The faster the car goes, the greater charge for the battery. This is perfect because I drive fast, and I stop for no one.