The Human Signal

Upsettingly, the Human Signal is not a new superhero to be unveiled in the next Avengers. But it will play a role in helping justice and maintaining the peace. The Human Signal, better described as the Tex-Vest Human Traffic Light, is a wearable jersey with LEDs that light up depending on your specific hand movements. The lights are green, red and yellow purposely meant to resemble a traffic light because the majority of its use will be for police officers regulate traffic.

A raise of a hand to the left and a left arrow appears on the chest, a raise of both hands in front of your chest and “STOP” pops up. Seeing as those wearing it are policemen, many may be tempted to just run over the traffic light. The concept jersey is definitely viable and will help rescue workers and officers work at night or in any low-light conditions by making them more visible to drivers. Maybe bicyclists should put one on and then I’ll finally be able to see them before I accidentally hit them with my car. Accidentally.