Adastra Yacht

Everyone needs more yachts. But not only more; bigger, more obnoxious and more expensive ones. The Adastra Yacht ($15 million) takes care of all three. Built for a Hong Kong businessman to commute to and from his private Indonesian islands, Everyone needs more yachts. A SiMON_ integrated ships monitoring system monitors fuel, security, pump sensors, electrical, and lights, and can be operated from an iPad.

It’s ironic how a buyer can lay down 15 million dollars for a yacht and still be concerned with fuel efficiency so as not to waste money. The yacht was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd., which took the award for “Most Innovative Company” and “Best Design” for the Adastra at two separate Chinese boat shows. Sure it looks like something out of Star Wars or Star Trek, but the Adastra’s top speed of 22.5 knots and range of 4,000 miles more than make up for the fact. It’s the ideal yacht for efficient long range crusing…and showing off.