Camping sucks. It’s a universal fact. Those who do it either do it on a dare or are a part of some horror movie. Sorry recreational campers, but you know it’s true, always looking for the newest camping equipment to make your suffering more bearable. But even with all the gear in the world…you’re still outside. Might as well cook some soup and make some calls while you’re out there. The PowerPot mixes business with pleasure by combining a pot with which to cook your bitter camp food and a USB charger to power the electronics that will get you through the long, long night.

The benefits of the PowerPot extend past camping, allowing for use on a gas stove in case your electricity ever goes out or helping developing nations get access to scarce energy with the fires they already make. Place on top of a fire or even a hot spring and the pot will use the thermoelectric power generation to make those Ramen Noodles whilst powering your iPad so you can screen movies.